Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I hire you?

I am a trained and experienced arbitrator and mediator. I understand the process from a legal perspective, but I can also bring the innovation based solutions of an engineer to the resolution mechanism. With my background in construction, engineering degree and experience in construction law, I can immediately comprehend the technical problems, navigate the legal issues and help you craft an innovative, practical, construction based solution. You will not waste your time explaining the construction process to me and I won’t waste your time making you guess what I think about the claims at issue.

Construction mediation is unique. Sometimes a direct approach is necessary. No construction professional wants to sit around a table discussing their feelings with strangers. They want the claims to be understood, evaluated and resolved. That’s my approach to the process.

Construction arbitration is designed to be a streamlined, informal resolution process. Unfortunately, sometimes it begins to look a lot like litigation. In my view, extensive discovery is not necessary. Just exchange the project file and arbitrate the dispute. I understand what should be included in the project file, what it means and how it impacts the claims. You’ll not waste your time with extensive discovery, discovery disputes or explanations of the construction process. My approach is simple, informal and informed – with respect for the arbitration process and applicable rules

What is your experience?

I am an attorney and licensed professional engineer (civil/structural) with extensive construction law, project management and contingency construction experience.

I have experience with the legal and technical aspects of design, scheduling, permitting, soils, sitework, foundation, concrete, framing, sheathing, brick, stone, mold, water damage, roofing, finish, plumbing, mechanical, electrical, building code, compliance, contract issues, change orders, delay and mechanics’ liens.

Since 1991, I have been employed primarily as an attorney focusing on the legal aspects of construction, engineering, and architecture. My construction practice involves mediation, arbitration and litigation related to public and private commercial, residential, heavy/highway, industrial, and institutional projects ranging in value from $20,000 to $400 million. My project experience ranges from houses to hospitals, aviaries to airports and steel mills to stadiums.

I have been appointed to the roster of neutrals for both the American Arbitration Association and the United States District Court for the Western District of Pennsylvania.

Prior to law school, I was employed as a project engineer for two ENR top 100 contractors. As project manager, I supervised the construction and/or renovation of high- and low-rise motels and hotels, hospitals, nursing homes, light industrial, office buildings, schools, restaurants, retail centers and single-family residential dwellings.

I continued to use my construction skills as a civil engineer in the Naval Reserve.

What cases do you handle?

Primarily, I prepare, defend and resolve claims for construction defects and delays. A large portion of my practice involves sitting as a neutral on all manner of construction related disputes.

How much do you cost?

I charge less than many lawyers with less experience, much less than most lawyers with similar experience at “downtown” firms, an a reasonable rate for an attorney with my construction experience and educational background. I can keep my rates reasonable because I keep my overhead low.

Are you an expert in construction law?

No. Although I have experience in the field and the relevant educational background, Pennsylvania does not certify experts or specialists in construction law and I do not claim to be one.